Content & Design

Digital Design and Content

Use your artistic skills to design engaging and user-friendly digital content and apps.


1. Pathways in Design Jobs
2. Degrees
2.1 TAFE/Private Colleges
2.2 Undergraduate (Bachelor Degrees)
2.3 Postgraduate Studies
3. How to Find a Job in Digital Design and Content

Pathways in Design Jobs

There are many jobs that incorporate design. Careers include;

  • Digital media manager
  • Games artist
  • Animator/illustrator
  • Creative director
  • Graphics designer
  • Quality assurance consultant
  • Desktop publisher
  • User design/testing
  • Software design
  • Web designer/webmaster
  • Applications developer
  • Mobility specialist


TAFE/Private Colleges

  • Diploma of Graphic Design
  • Diploma of Digital Media Technologies
  • Diploma of Website development
  • Diploma of Digital and Interactive Games

Undergraduate (Bachelor Degrees)

  • Communication
  • Digital Media
  • Creative Industries
  • Interactive Digital Design
  • Internet Design
  • Multimedia Design

Postgraduate Studies

  • Graduate Certificate for Creative Industries
  • Graduate Diploma in Digital Design

How to Find a Job in Digital Design and Content

  1. Take up internship programs to gain experience and knowledge
  2. Pursue a career on a tertiary level through university or TAFE
  3. Follow the links below and the quizlet to gain a better understanding of Digital Design and Content

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