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  1. Security
    1. Cyber Security
    2. Disaster Recovery
    3. Database Administrator
    4. Digital Forensics Investigator
    5. Risk Analyst
  2. Specialities
    1. Cloud Computing
    2. Networking
    3. Digital Marketing
    4. Data Analyst
    5. Technical Support
  3. Pathways for Technical Services Jobs
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Cyber Security:

  • It Security is a specialist field, which provides career paths across a wide variety of industries such as finance and government
  • Salary: 88k - 109k

Disaster Recovery:

  • Disaster recovery professionals work to protect against losses in the event of natural, man-made disaster, data, and hardware and software loss
  • Salary: 60k-103k

Database Administrator:

  • Responsible for company databases that store business data, ensuring databases are operational, searchable and secure
  • Salary: 49k - 104k

Digital Forensics Investigator:

  • Specially trained to work with law enforcement by investigating cybercrimes and examining digital evidence, devices, and computer and data networks.
  • Salary: 60k - 100k

Risk Analyst:

  • Responsible for identifying and analysing potential risks that threaten the organisation.
  • Salary: 52k - 92k


Cloud Computing:

  • As more companies adopt cloud systems into their organisation, there are many cloud computing roles which include, Cloud Architect, Software Engineer, Services Developer, Consultant etc.
  • Salary: 90k - 180k


  • Develop, document and execute the integration of products and/or systems so that all components function as they should.
  • Salary: 70k - 124k

Digital Marketing:

  • Digital Marketers develop an online marketing strategy and advertising campaigns to generate consumer interests in products and services.
  • Salary: 45k - 116k

Data Analyst:

  • Compile and analyse information and statistics for businesses in order to identify problems and suggest possible solutions. May also design and build databases to house data needed while ensuring data accuracy.
  • Salary: 49k -96k

Technical Support:

  • Technicians use their knowledge of software and IT to solve users problems, this is recorded for future use.
  • Salary: 45k - 95k

Pathways for Technical Services Jobs

Technical Services jobs use your deep technical skills to securely manage and interpret clients data. They involved technical disciplines including Networking, Security, Storage, Telecommunications and more.


The following video highlights the growing need for cybersecurity jobs in Australia so we can protect our privacy and data:

The most effective way to move from study to work is to complete an internship in your chosen field of study. Increasing many universities and employers are requiring an internship before graduation and employment. The ACS Foundation provides 400 technology internships to Australian university students each year. To apply visit,




Pathways for Technical Services Jobs
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